Triple model industry meets “Big Bags”

On 1 March 2018, the students of the Triple model industry visited the company Sokuflex Behälter GmbH in Kellinghusen. Sokuflex Behälter GmbH is a second generation family business that manufactures flexible bulk bags (Big Bags) in a wide range of designs. Tanja Haack, Managing Director, and Olaf Haack, Development and Purchasing, have provided insight into the production and quality management of the company.

Big bags are used in many areas, such as the chemical or food industries, they are used in agriculture or in disposal technology. They consist of a sturdy plastic fabric, which for reasons of tightness and moisture protection is mostly made of polypropylene (obtained in the separation of petroleum). The individual fibres are woven into a solid plastic fabric. This is then cut according to the size of the Big Bag and the individual cutouts are “linked” and loops and aprons are stitched on.

The Big Bag is ready!

In the final step, the Big Bags are packed on pallets and sent to the customer. A number is noted on each of these Big Bags, which makes it possible to track the entire production process all the way to the supplier. That is part of quality management Sokuflex Behälter GmbH is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. The management attaches great importance to the quality of the individual processes in all areas of the company. All possible processes of the company are specified in the quality manual. The quality concept is lived by all employees of the company: “If possible sources of error are identified in the process, we exchange information and find a solution together. This creates the basis for a continuous improvement process,” says Tanja Haack. The bright and spacious open plan office certainly has a supporting effect.

Tanja and Olaf Haack have taken a lot of time and answered very openly and with great commitment all the questions of the students and the teacher, Stefanie Korth-Himme.

The district of Steinburg would like to express its thanks for the invitation.

Stefanie Korth-Himme (Teacher, triple model industry)