The premises became too small for our growing company, a solution was urgently needed. Purchase? New construction? Many questions arose until the opportunity presented itself to acquire the neighbouring property including the existing office and warehouse buildings.

The renovation was commissioned to a local company, new furniture was made by the carpenter next door.

The joy of buying the neighbouring property was so great among our employees that the relocation could be carried out with the help of families and employees alone.

The administration team now has a spacious, bright and inviting open plan office, the advantages of which, with short communication paths, new hardware and software as well as state of the art ergonomic equipment are worthy of mention.

Through further spatial restructuring, which the new acquisition has made possible, the production has received more space. Therefore, workflows could be simplified and optimised in this area as well.

The capacity of our storage space has increased so much that we currently hardly need to resort to external storage.

With the expansion, we have created the prerequisites for further successful work and healthy, continuous growth.